300 Heroes Project

Mission: Improve the lives of 300 Heroes from high-risk careers in the NFL, US Military, and Police/Rescue, using cutting edge neuro-technologies, software, and more.

Goal: Increase each participants’ cognitive health and mental performance (CHAMP) by 15 to 50% using QEEG, cognitive apps, and video game reaction testing, with a focus on increasing human performance, profits, and mental trigger control.

Participants: 100 Retired NFL, 100 Retired US Military, and 100 Retired Police/Rescue 

Secondary Purposes:​

1. Create popularity and social awareness for Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, TMS, IR-Light Therapy, CHAMPfeedback (Advanced Neurofeedback), and More.

2. Create Safe, at-home, or semi-supervised CHAMP-feedback protocols tested and proven on battle-tested heroes. CHAMP-feedback is a more comprehensive approach to mental fitness. People who don’t qualify for insurance or simply don’t want to be labeled as ‘ill’ in order to improve their human performance, profits and trigger-control are exactly who we are looking for. (The 80% of humans currently being underserved.).

3. Create a CHAMPfeedback “Health Assurance Technology” (HAT) Policy Market and Currency (CHAMPcoin): Either a for-profit, non-profit, or a money savings program for everyday Americans/Humans to be able to afford CHAMPfeedback products and services from their own chosen providers. (Seeking Partners)

4. Double Population Size, Split Stock, and Repeat. (Next Groups Ideas: Soccer, NHL, and MMA (Seeking Partners)