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What is Neurofeedback?

EEG biofeedback (also known as neurofeedback) is a cutting-edge technology that uses operant conditioning (reinforcement) to alter brain waves (Swingle, 2010). It provides information to clients about their nervous systems so that they can self-regulate more effectively.

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How is it done?

This is accomplished by attaching electrodes to their scalps so that the electrochemical activity of their brains can be transformed into real-time information and fed back to them. The individual’s brain can then utilize this information to make appropriate changes that often improves brain functioning and relieves symptoms. As the client undergoes repeated sessions of this brain exercise, or brain training, the client achieves greater flexibility and stability.

Our Steps For Changing Your Brain and Changing Your Game

1. Find out what your performance strengths, weaknesses, and goals are.

2. Conduct a six layer Brain Map (EEG).

3. Compare EEG to thousands of other databases.

4. Create individualized training protocol.

5. Train 2-5 times a week for 45 minutes.

6. Track the Results.

7. ‘Change Your Brain and Change Your Game!’

How often is it done?

Actual training sessions last 60 minutes each and are conducted from one to 14 times per week, that is, twice a day if needed (Soutar, personal communication, January 25, 2011). Some improvement is generally seen within ten sessions, but 40 sessions are typically required. Athletes often begin to see changes within six sessions (Soutar, personal communication, January 25, 2011). Once learning is consolidated, the benefit appears to be permanent in most cases although some ‘booster’ sessions may be required if stressors or significant life events disrupt normal functioning.

Neurofeedback is highly praised and used by the 2006 Italian World Cup Champions soccer team as well as athletes in all major sports (Swingle, 2010).

Benefits of Neurofeedback Enhancement

The following benefits are from Soutar, personal communication study January 25, 2011

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Benefits of Neurofeedback Enhancement

  • Better concentration & attention
  • Easier decision making & reduced errors
  • Shorter response time
  • Enhanced creativity & memory
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Accelerated learning and increased productivity
  • Increased immunity to stress

  • Overall well-being
  • Lowered susceptibility to burning out
  • Quicker and deeper relaxation
  • Better mind/body integration & self-awareness
  • Reduced anxiety and stage fright
  • Increased self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Better self-control

Studies in Neurofeedback

Some of the earliest performance enhancement studies using neurofeedback included studies on military pilots (Lehrer, Woolfolk, & Sime, 2007) in which researchers found that EEG could provide valid and objective measurements of mental effort. Lehrer et al. went on to find that EEG might also measure cognitive resource allocation, reveal task mastery, and task overload.

Soutar (personal communication, January 25, 20112011) reports that Olympic marksmen and archers move into a special state of mind when they perform their best. When other athletes were trained in that mind state their performance excelled as well. Since these findings, athletes of all types have been using neurofeedback to enhance focus, memory, and performance in sports included, but not limited to: football, golf, basketball, baseball, soccer, racing, Olympic sports, and sports that involve shooting targets (Soutar, personal communication, January 25, 2011; Swingle, 2010).

Dr. Champ conducted a study with 4 stock car drivers and 4 pit crew teams with significant results for all individuals and teams. Learn more about Dr. Champ's studies and Research here.

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The Champ Clinic is a research based and academic company that is focused on making you better in life through proven mental and neurofeedback exercises.

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